Unexplained headaches/migraines? Help

After I fainted out of nowhere 3 days ago, I seem to be getting headaches out of nowhere. Some of them are really painful and annoying and nothing makes them go away. What do you think this is? My headaches/migraines are not all over, sometimes its just in one spot but mostly between my eyebrows. When I stand up quick or just stand up when I have one, I feel woozy and not well so I have to sit back down. Advice please

Answer #1

My friend says that it may be a hemrage of some sort, it could be really serious, she advised that you should see a doctor about it.

Answer #2

Go see your doctor and get a CT Scan or an MRI. You probably have a concussion. I faint a lot when I get too hot or if my period is too heavy. I have had many concussions. But to be on the safe side get it checked!!

Answer #3

oh my you fainted? well, I’m no expert and I’m no doctor! so I don’t want to tell you something that might be wrong! my best advice for you is to consult your doctor! and maybe he/she will be able to give you pills/pain killers for these unexplained headaches!! hope you get better!!

Answer #4

It’s not unusual to feel a little faint when standing up quickly, but not when you sit down. And if you did actually faint for no reason that is a very strong sign that you should see your doctor as soon possible. It could be that you are experiencing true migraines. (Migraines have visual effects - light sensitivity, shadows, tunnel vision, ‘blurring’ effects, auras - along with the pain.) Or something more problematic. Have it checked out. Good Luck!!

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