uh. ewie.

if yoou have a nasty lookinn room that just seems like yoou cant keep clean nn everytime yoou do clean it your friends come over nn its fukked up again and yoou dont wanna live nn the filth anymore. what do yoou do??!? cause I have that room. lol. nn please answer fast. yeahhh. growl. it should be two already… uhhuh…yeahhh…peace. xxxXXXxxxXXXxxx love the broken… tabbi…

Answer #1

Yeah I have that, throw away stuff you don’t need or want so there’s less clutter. Also get them to help you tidy a bit before they leave.

Answer #2

Yeah, throw old stuff away and be very stern with your friends about how cleanliness is important to you. Make sure that they know and if they mess up anything be sure to tell them to clean It up. Also be sure to let the repeat offenders know that you don’t appreciate them distrapecting your stuff.

Answer #3

Throw away stuff you dont need… then there will be less to clutter up

xox Sika

Answer #4

This is waht you do clean it everday and tell your friends not to f it up anymore and if they do make them clean it up.

Answer #5

growwl at em!!! hahahaha <33333333

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