How can I get glue off my laptop?

Accidentlly got some nail glue on it and cant get it off.. it’s just a little bit

Answer #1

try wetting a cloth with hot water and scrub it off?

Answer #2

tried wont come off =/

Answer #3

what about getting a butter knife and wrapping like, a thin piece of cloth over the edge and try scraping it off?

Answer #4

glue…… riiiight GLUE,,, uh huh suuuuure

Answer #5

its coming off with a fork..thanks

Answer #6

uhm…. nail polish remover should work, WD 40 or even petroleum jelly….

Answer #7

try getting glugone. it works for almost everything.

Answer #8

Nail polish remover might work, dab a little on a cotton ball and try it out. It seems to be able to clean most things!

Answer #9

try to genly wipe it off

Answer #10

try to gently wipe it off

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