annoying bed

is there anything I can do to make my freakin bed stop squeaking everytime I move?

Answer #1

My bed usually starts squeaking when the screws holding the frame together get loose. Unless you have a bed that is supremely well-crafted, the screws are going to loosen over time, which will cause the individual parts of the bed to slide against each other when you, uh…move vigorously. Take a screwdriver to the screws and you should see (or hear) an improvement.

Answer #2

You could put Oil on the parts that squeak. That should help.

Answer #3

I wish my parents knew about that!!! its like squeksqueksqueksqueksqueksqueksquek. GIV IT A REST!!!

Answer #4

What kind of bed do you have? Many things make a difference such as whether or not you have a box spring, if it’s a metal bed frame, if your mattress is coil spring, etc.

Answer #5

it happened to my bed so I told my mom sho she got a paper and she folded it and like in the bed thres 4 things which one ismaking noises just putt the paper under it and you wont hear a sound :)

Answer #6

My bed squeaks too when I move.. It little annoying thought, everyone in my family can hear whenever im moving xD, but I dont move much during the night so I dont mind the noice that much…

Answer #7

I’ve had mine for seven years and I found out that freakin annoying squeak it had was from a loose thingy on one of the legs. check every inch of your bed, something may be broken.

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