whats a good phone to get

okay, whats a good phone to get ? my company is at&t

Answer #1

Samsung Impression is my favorite phone, either that or the Iphone.

Answer #2

the VU!!! I have att and I have the VU and I love it. All touch :) you can easily text on it it just gets some getting used to. the camera kinda pisses me off sometimes but I still love it and the screen is huge but its difficult to see in the sun.

The shine is good too but I hate texting on it but the camera is really good :)

The xenon is expensive but easy to text on and its half touch :)

those would be my suggestions

Answer #3

I have the Xenon, and I like it. The new Samsung Impression looks pretty good, though.

Answer #4

nahh iphone..wayy better

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