What is a good texting phone(prepaid)?!?!?!? Under 100$?!?

Okay… Im looking for a good texting phone, under 100$, about 80$ or close to it. I did like the lg neon, so any advice on the phones I cud get? I want a qwerty keyboard and it needs to be compatible with tmobile.

Question: are any phones I find like lets say I get the lg neon(with at&t) and I want to put it on a tmobile acount, is that posible?

So please make some recomendations on which phone I shud get. Thanx:)

Answer #1

I have the lg xenon and I love it you shoud get that

Answer #2

shyyt they have that strait talk at walmart 50 for the phone and 50 a month prepaid unlimited everything even internet

Answer #3

iwireless.com :) gooo! they have a cute pink blackberry looking thing. I gots one :)

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