Whats a good place to get a dress.?

So im 14.short (under 5 foot).skinny.flat. :( And need a dress for my 8th grade formal. I dont fit in juniors though. Whats a good place to get a dress.? Or a place to get a shirt with leggings.

Answer #1

Fine a cute dress in juniors and go get it altered to fit you. That would be the easiet thing. Altering a dress is not that expensive and that way you could still find one that you like and this is appropriate.

Answer #2

try going to ross.. or there are a bunch of these petite stores I’ve been to (though I wont fit in them lol) some stores are , 5-7-9, rave, wetseal, charlotte russe, the limited agaci or agachi..(forgot which one is it)

but like mandyloo said you can also go and get it altered. that works well too.

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