What type of sickness do i have with migrains,headaches,cough, stomic pains, nausia, mucle pain?

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It could be a fever, the flu, a virus, or many other things.
We're not trained doctor's so we really can't tell you exactly what you have.
I recommend scheduling an appointment to see your doctor, he will be able to diagnose you better than any of us.

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well yah i know but ive had this crap on one day then off for the past 4 weeks and im like wtf,


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Like I said, go to your doctor, and tell them what's going on. I'm sure they will be able to figure out what's going on.

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It sounds just like a flu, but as Angelee said - see the doctor...especially if it's ongoing for 4 weeks.

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It can be anathing, up to something bad or as low as the flu. Check with a doctor because it has been going on for a little big long.

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It could be mono. i'd go into the doctor and get that checked out because if it is contagious you could be spreading it without even knowing.

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