A random relationship for a random person?

ok, I was in this EXREAMLY long distance relationship with this girl right, and I REALLY liked her…but…long distance relationships don’t ever work out…but I still REALLY like her…What should I do??

Answer #1

I think the only time long distance relationships work…is when you guys” plan to meet at a certain point together”…I mean literally meet eachother and stay with eachother in reality…because you cant have a relationship over the net..or though the phone..or whatever…if you wont be able to ever see this girl on a realistic standpoint…ehhh ask your self is it really worth it?

Answer #2

long distance relatioships can work and they do if the two of you do love each other, and are prepared to stay faithfull to one another then it can work also keep in constant contact and do make sure you meet as often as you can even vistit her when she wouldnt expect you yto come and surprise her!

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