I am in a long distance relationship, everything is cool with my gi

I am in a long distance relationship, everything is cool with my girlfriend, it is just our parents, they don’t accept that we are from different cultures, which is not causing any troubles because the two cultures aren’t so different they are so close and got a lot in common. we both wanna make our parents happy, but we also want to be happy. it’s hard talking to them, they won’t listen at all!! any idea will really help!

Answer #1

I know it’s difficult when parents don’t listen and they don’t like the person you are dating, but ultimately as long as you’re happy it doesn’t matter. you can’t make them listen or accept something. sometimes it just takes time and if you try to talk to them try and be as civil and adult as you can. try not to get upset even though that can be very difficult. hopefully they will eventually realize you are serious about your relationship and that you really want them to be ok with it too. just keep at it! :)

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