What is the twistie flip thinging ACTUALLY CALLED at the end of a bunch of handsprings and a backflip(in cheer or gymnastics or tumbling

or whatev u wanna call it)?

Answer #1

i think its called a round off but im no cheerleader. thats my guess though.

Answer #2

oh, lol, thats not it, i know cuz i can do 1 of those. but thanx4 trying to help me out though!! XD (a roundoff is a cartwheel where you add a little more spring and land w/ur feet 2gether. lol, yup, a fancy cartwheel :)

Answer #3

ohh haha my bad. im on my highschools colorguard so our stuff isnt that gymnastic-y. ahahah

Answer #4

it’s a full. A full is where you do a layout and when your 45 degrees upside down you start turning your body until you make it completly around. If they do two rotations its a double full. I’m a all star cheerleader and for a team i have to have that so im a team below that we do layouts

Answer #5

I think maybe it’s a layout.

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