When's the best time in your cycle to conceive?

I’ve been trying to conceive for the past two months and I haven’t got any answers yet I do smoke cigarettes but I know plenty of people who smoke and still got pregnant… I have a very normal cycle and 28 days and I have regular periods every month when is the best time to conceive somebody please help me ?

Answer #1

What a bitch that woman was for writing that!!! I already have one child and am a very good mother indeed. I am currently trying for number two and was searching the internet to make sure I was getting the timing right, never hurts to double check. I am sure when you do fall pregnant you will be a great mum, ignore pathetic people!!

Answer #2

Are you planning on smoking while you are pregnant? You should quit smoking BEFORE you try to conceive, as smoking poses a high risk to the fetus. Plus you are 19 years old according to your profile; you are too young to have a baby. Why are you asking these questions of strangers over the internet? Why don’t you go to a doctor and ask these things of him/her? This shows you immaturity or your lack of access to proper health care and either one disqualifies you from being ready to have a child. Please do society a favor a wait to have children.

Answer #3

Okay. Well, by the time I was 18, it had been pounded into me about 3 million times over that a woman does this thing called ovulating. This occurs approximately at the halfway point from one period to th next.

That means that you have an egg ready for spermination, waiting in your uterus at the halfway point between the day of your last period and day of your first.

You really didin’t know that??

If you didn’t know that—PLEASE do NOT conceive.

Answer #4

the best time to conceive is 14 -16 days before the first day of your period .

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