Is it true that if you have a "no trespassing" sign in your yard, you can drink under age, and the police can't do anything about it?

Answer #1

I don’t think u can do that

Answer #2

I don’t believe that’s true. Because, technically, the land doesn’t belong to you, but the country, and police officers work for the country. If you’re doing something illegal in the country, a sign shouldn’t stop them, and probably won’t.

Answer #3

Nope! because they arent restricted by it. and once you open your door your home becomes a public place and you can be arrested for pubblic intoxication. and have minor charges

Answer #4

The police can’t arrest you for underage drinking, they can however arrest the person that supplied it to you. The most they will do if they find you drinking under the legal age is take the alcohol away from you. On Australia day, one of my friends caught caught with alcohol, and the cops just made her empty the bottles on the grass then throw them away.

Answer #5

But no, You can’t do illegal stuff in your house just because you have a no trespassing sign in the front yard.

Answer #6

Well in america they will charge you

Answer #7

In Australia they’ll only charge you if you start acting aggressively towards the officer. You normally get a warning, and told to get out of the place your at, but if you come back with more alcohol, chances are they’ll arrest you.

Answer #8

No, it remains illegal because you are underage. Breaking the law, even if it is your house, is still breaking the law.

Answer #9

No, it’s not true. If you have a ‘no trespassing’ sign up then it means that you’re asking people to not trespass, but it does not mean you’re above the law. If you’re doing something you shouldn’t, regardless of any sign, they have the authority to step in and deal with the issue at any given time.

Answer #10

i dont think so . .

Answer #11

if law enforcement officers have ‘probable cause’ and they suspect that illegal activities are going on in the residence- they can and do enter the property and act accordingly.

here in the united states a minor will be given a fine for ‘minor consumption’ if someone on the property is of legal drinking age they will be cited with ‘contributing to the deliquency of a minor or minors’.

usually this does not result in being hauled to the police station- BUT it could go that direction on the decision of the officers on scene.

so a ‘no trespassing sign’ will not protect illegal activity.

Answer #12

The sign has nothing to do with it. Alcohol laws in the US are set by state, so there is no one answer. Many states only have laws against selling or serving minors, not against the minor doing the drinking. Many state also allow underage drinking in your own home as long as a parent or gaurdian is present.

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