Is it true that if you get pulled over and don't have your license on you, you can give the cop your license number instead without getting a ticket?

Answer #1

i never heard of that, but i would think each state is different on that.

Answer #2

North Carolina, specifically.

Answer #3

haha idk. im from pennsylvania so its different. i think for PA if we dont have our license on us if we get pulled over, we have 14 days to show it or something like that to rid the ticket of an extra fine but im not 100% on that. but idk about NC. sorry

Answer #4

Yes you can because in their car they have a license check so if they were to ask for your license they would take it to their car for a verification check to see that it is your car so giving them the number would do the same.

Answer #5

Doubt it, you need to keep your lisense on you at all times. I can’t even imagin how many kids would say they left there lisense at home if they were driving without one.

Answer #6

disregard what i just said :l lol uhm yeah you need to have a license on you at all times while driving or a piece of paper from your local building that provides licenses that is called a temporary license, i don’t know why though telling them your license number would have the same affect.

Answer #7

Here if they are nice (ontario, canada), you have 24hours to produce it..

Answer #8

I don’t think that i have heard of that, but i think it could work i mean all they really need to find you is like a number or something. But then again they could not accept it because your soppost to have it with you all the time so … hmm… makes me wonder.

Answer #9

If they’re in a good mood, they’ll give you 24 hours to bring your license in to the police station - after that, they mail you a ticket. Otherwise, giving them just the number is not proof of a license and you could be fined on the spot.

Answer #10

If they’re in a good enough mood they might give you 24 hours to produce it. Regardless, even if you dont have your license, the ticket will be dismissed if you can produce it in court. Same thing happened with my insurance. He gave me a ticket but it was dismissed because I brought proof of insurance.

Answer #11

i’m not sure what state you live in but i know that in Connecticut, wheere i’m from, if you don’t have your license on you you have a week i think to bring it into the DMV to prove you really do have a license.

Answer #12

I believe it depends on the State. Different States have different laws. In some, you need to have your liscense with you to drive. Check you State Laws, if you are in the United States.

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