Is it true that if a girl cums an then a guy cums in her she cant get pregenet?

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no, what has a female got to do with anything?

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A woman having an org@sm has no affect on her concieving. If his sperm goes into your v@gina you can get pregnant, period. Before you have sex, i suggest buying a book on reproduction since you obviously arent educated enough in that department.

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No, do not listen to whoever told you that or who started that rumor. Listen to Mandyloo.

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No...that's ridiculous. Any girl that believes that will most likely end up pregnant.

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No Who ever told you that is wrong.Listen To Mandyloo

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None of that sorta stuff is true, you have sex you can and probably will get pregnant. I also read somewhere that a women 'cuming' during sex means shes MORE likely to get pregnant!

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will someone said that they found it on the internet that it said that but i didnt think it was true so i wanted to see what other people say about it

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Noooo -.- Maybe you should read up on sex before you have it. And don't believe everything you hear.

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