Can a girl get pregnant if they're is boys cum in her knickers

im guna put it pritty simple too be honest, can a girl get pregnant if they're is boys cum in her knickers or if he's touched her around the vagina or fingered her with his cum on his fingers


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if boys cum touch your vagina on the outside even his precum there is a chance of getting pregnant.

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Ok hold on... Think about it. "Is it possible...yes", but probible.. Hell no! If you think about all the sperm that has made it accually around the curvix and not made it in.. well, you chances are VERY slim, unless he put his finger, coverd with cun, all the way up inside you and wiped you curvix with it.. its slim. Just a thought, I would not worrie too much, Jeff TBP

Can you get pregnant even if he doesnt cum inside you?
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that was easy lol, thankyou :)

if a boy didnt cum can you still be pregnent?
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What is cum
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I am 11 and I have started my periods and I've got a boyfriend and he fingers me and we do doggy style he is 12 and I get cum in mine all the time but I dont get pregnant

Birt control and a guy cums in her will se get pregnant?
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yes she can get pregnancy in this case.

birth control can I still get pregnant if he cums inside?

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