Transformers 2 quotes

Me and my friends are having a war to c how many funny quotes we can pull from this movie. If you remember any of the funny things the characters said please answer it would b appreciated. Thanks :)

Answer #1

-Sam to Mikaela when hiding in the library: we’re gonna have 10 seconds of silence, I’m not gonna talk to you for 10 seconds…I’m not talking to you for 10 seconds, you have 3 seconds left…[uses his fingers to count 3 seconds] … What were you gonna say?

-Sam to Megatron: Hold on, hold on, I know your pissed, I know your pissed, because I tried to kill you, I totally understand if someone tried to kill me I’d be upset too. I think that we have an opportunity here to start anew and develop our relationship and see where it leads us…ok?

-Reggie to Sam, Mikaela and Leo: This is Top Secret…Do Not tell my mother!

-Judy Witwicky: Oh my gosh, look at this place! I feel smarter already. Oh Ron, can you smell it? Ron Witwicky: Yeah, smells like 40,000 dollars a year. Judy Witwicky: Hey cheapo.

-Employee at Airport: Has anyone strange given you anything suspicious to carry on today? Wheelie: [From inside the box] Yeah a live box! Mikaela Banes: [Mikaela puts her foot on the top of the box] Nope.

Answer #2

I hope those f16s got good aim” “ why is that” “ bc I told them to hit the orange smoke” :standing right in the orange smoke: “ it wasnt one of my better tosses alright!” … “youre hot but you aint too bright” … “I want you to pull the blue ok? I need you to pull the blue real hard! :pulls: NO NOT NOW WERE IN THE PLANE YOU DUMB *!”

“MOJO NO DOMINATING FRANKIE!!” ___… “I say we just pop a cap in his * and throw him in the trunk, no one will ever know” “ whos trunk ?not my trunk!” “ hello I can hear you guys talking im standing right here! and no ones popping any caps in any asses alright”

Between MudFlap and SkidMark:

“Ow that Hurt.” “It was supposed to hurt! It was an @$$whooping!”

The comment about the orange smoke:

“I hope the F-15’s have good aim.” “Why?” “I told them to aim for the orange smoke” “looks right That orange smoke?” “It wasn’t my best toss.” “RUN!!”

After they talk to Jetfire (old guy):

Wheelie (lil’ dude they trapped)- “You can not be a decepticon? You can switch sides? I want to be on your side! Please oh please Warrior Goddess!” *grabs onto Mikaela’s leg and starts rubbing against it

I got those from YA I couldnt post the link but I take no credit for this answer :p

Answer #3

Oh my gosh I remember this one!

My father was a wheel! The first wheel! And do you know what he transformed into? Nothing! But he did it with honor!

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