How will you rate Transformers 2 on a scale of 10?

How will you rate Transformers 2 on a scale of 10?

I’ll give it 8.

The action scenes were quite awesome but the story could have been more interesting.

Answer #1

10 For Megan. Damn! She’s so good…I love her.

Answer #2

I didnt like it that muchhh..; ) but I still give it a 7

Answer #3

Omfg I loved I saw it 2 times and when I saw megan I was like mega bonner and the slow run omg!!! Id give it a 12

Answer #4

Megan is ma b!tch lol Shes sooo sexyy id go lesbo for her anyday :D

Answer #5

9837219864287436! It was AMAZING!

Answer #6


Answer #7

im 14 and my dad wouldn’t let me see it! >:-(

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