What does Transformers 2 mean?

Well I just watched transfomers 2 and I totally dont get like any of it. I’ve seen the first one I got it. Like why did the decepticon things destroy that pyramid? thx

Answer #1

the pyramid had a machine in it that destroys the sun so the transformers can take over earth and they just had to find a piece that thpse 3 guys hid and once they found it and placed it into the pyramid the machine would work so thats why they had to destroy it

Answer #2

the pyramid had a machine that harvests suns back when all the primes were alive (including Optimus Prime) they would harvest suns to keep alive, but their was one main rule, never to harvest a sun with a plant that has life on it (earth) But one of the desepticons (also one of the primes) wants to destroy earths sun, and destroy all human life form, but to get the machine running, they need a “key”(the matrix) so, the primes must hide the matrix and so they make a tomb made of their own bodys so it can never be found, until Sam touchs a piece of sliver (able to bring electronics to life) and starts seeing symbols , which are the old language of the primes and its up to him to save the world

lol,, hope I helped :P

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