Is being touched inappropriately considered like rape or what is it?

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It's considered molestation.

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like if a guy 21 years old touches a girls butt (over shorts) or sticks his hand down her shirt and tries to stick his hand up her shorts its still molestation even if part of its over clothes and everything?

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I think that's more sexual harassment. It's a violation, very inappropriate, and important to be addressed, especially if it continues.

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Yes tell someone that person is doing that

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Put a rat trap there for him. He deserves to be humiliated. Get a male gay friend to do him the same. Oh and yea, report him too. I hate guys like that.

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it was too long ago and its not worth reporting, i was just wondering what it would be considered and i dont have any gay friends lol

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not r@pe, but sexual assault

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if its unwanted sexual contact, its sexual assault and he can get charged and go to jail for it.

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it's sexual assault. ANY unwanted contact that is sexual in nature (sexual intent) is sexual assault, even if it's through your clothes. Particularly if the girl is under 18.

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I should say, it's WORSE if the girl is under 18, but if she's over 18, it's still sexual assault.

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well i am under 18 and the guy was 21 lol

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getting touch like this will screw you up later in life even if you do not realize it, the decisions you make will be affected and every other aspect, do not let anyone do this to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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it didn't really affect me when it happened so i didnt say anything

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it didn't really affect me when it happened so i didnt say anything..

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