Is it normal to touch myself?

I like to touch myself that normal

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dont listen to *hurtingurselfisfun* ... wow that was a dumb answer. touching yourself is completely NORMAL and almost everyone does it at one point or another in their life. but maybe they don't mention it. =)

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sure- nearly everyone does that- if they are honest, on occasion

Is it normal for me to starve myself after giving birth?

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Hummm... interesting question.

Normal to not care if I die?
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im jacking off right now :P

If a guy touches some thing after touching himself

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of course its normal.

Why.....Is it normal to throw up after having an orgasm??
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Lol. Sure its normal.

Is it normal for your breasts to swell during your mensturation?

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yes it is lol

Is it normal to cry and you have no idea why?

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