What are the top reasons someone could get turned down for a professional career?

I have no piercings and no visible tattoos, i’ll have the schooling down with a great GPA, so i’m curious what other factors could be present that could cause me to get turned down for a job.

Answer #1

backround infomation

Answer #2

Just from the top of my head:

-Aren’t dressed professionally when interviewed -May have gotten answers wrong when doing an application -Didn’t qualify for the job you may have been applying for -Not hiring at the moment

I could be wrong. I would say try asking them, but that would be a bad idea. Try thinking of your own possibly reasons why they turned you down.

Answer #3

I wasn’t turned down for a job, i’m looking into the future to prevent getting turned down. I’m working towards my doctor of pharmacy at the moment and am trying to cover all bases for getting the job I want when the time comes.

Answer #4

Just do your best Mackenzie, that’s what really counts. It’s good your looking ahead, I am too. Just think about it over the course of your schooling.

Answer #5

If somebody else that had prior experience in the field also applied for the job, they may hire that person over you. Also background information comes into it too.

Answer #6

Any f3lony’s from your past. Bad record, don’t have or show enough effort, don’t seem interested. Just try your best and go for what you REALLY what and i’m sure you’ll get it =]

Answer #7

There are many reasons why a job applicant did not score the job. The interviewers will not tell you most of the time as it can open a can of worms if the reasons they rejected a candidate is not legit……I’m only taking a guess answering your question, based on the stuff I know from talking to the managers at my work, people do not land the job because they lack the job experience, the person lacks communication and interspersonal skills. Another candidate was a ‘better fit” to the department or the general moral of the place are some of the reasons……Another which I think many people miss is appearances. The first impression to any interviews or face to face interaction, people judge you on the first impression they see. Sadly, it is wrong but unfortunately, if you want to land a job which involves meeting clients or internal divisions (other staff members) having a few facial peircings, arm tats or even being hairy can work against you.

Answer #8

There could have been somebody applying for the job that had more to offer than you, or maybe you were too good and they didnt want you because if you are too good for them you could just go find another job easily and they would have to go to the trouble getting someone else to take over your job.

Answer #9

There are a lot of reasons people get turned down for jobs. Criminal background or any history with dru.gs or alcohol wont be an issue since I doubt you could get licensure with that sort of a background. Your main concern at the start is work experience. I wouldnt worry too much, pharmacists are in high demand and rarely have difficulty getting jobs. Try to get in as many hours of clinical experience as possible (I dont know if you even have that option, but if you do…). Recommendations and networking are also really important. Get to know your class mates and your professors well. They are your best bet when finding a job. But seriously, you’re getting into a field with a higher demand than there are people to fill it. I wouldn’t worry too much.

Answer #10

well i know one thing and my school(college) stressed it, business are now going looking at people online. they are googling their names they have actual employees to find info about future employees so the company sees who they are hiring. google your name see what comes up makes sure theres nothing bad, and if you have a myspace, facebook, anything where you actual name is available make sure you do not have a bad picture up and make sure it is set to private.

Answer #11

Criminal Record!

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