How can someone convicted of bank fraud get a job?

I have been searching for a job for 15 months and can’t find one. I am conviced of Bank Fraud and i am alway honest about the conviction but not luck of getting any job. I have owned my own business in the past and i start looking for jobs relates to my experience but i was turned down, i have also applied for CVS Wall Mart and all the department stores but i was turned down, i do send an average of 25 Resumes each month online other than job fairs. What is the solution, i have even applied to telemarketing jobs, I went to One Stop career center. I am lost any one can give me a hint of what to do?

Answer #1

I’ve also found that applying for different jobs in person works out much better than on line, I was told by a prospective company that they get so many resumes and people never show up to the interviews, or they check the credetials and they dont add up, way too many people are applying for different jobs and they are not always serious as others, try walking in completing your applications in person, who knows, maybe you’ll bump into a company who needs a space filled so badly that they will skip the background check. Good luck..

Answer #2

first of all you can stop revealing your past every time you apply for a job. everyone makes mistakes. and while a lot of employers do background checks there are some who don’t. so stop cutting your own throat. i know all of the applications say “being convicted of a crime does not disqualify you from being hired” but 99% of the time it does. so keep your past to yourself until it becomes necessary to reveal it. good luck.

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