How do I design a web layout using Photoshop cs3, dreamweaver cs3,

How do I design a web layout using Photoshop cs3, dreamweaver cs3, and/or Fireworks cs3?

I’ve seen so many tutorial and time taking tutorial but its written instead of video. So I find it sooo hard to follow.

  1. is there any tutorial on how to make a web layout using some of adobe cs3 program? A video tutorial one.

All of the slice I did in photoshop doesnt show up in fireworks. Some how Fireworks doesnt suits me well.

  1. Is fireworks cs3 usefull or it just gets in your way?

  2. How do I use Fireworks cs3? Photoshop> Fireworks> Dreamweaver? or Fireworks> Dreamweaver?

  3. How can I add a button and use it in my web layout? a) Fireworks only?, dreamweaver only?, or both? b) I design my weblayout and there is a home page button like, about me, etc. So How do get this thing to work? Like If I click about me it will show up about me page? Pls refer to the image uploaded

Answer #1

I just need a specific tutorial… like you could tell me in here…

Just couldnt understand video tutorial because you have to the other things first…

Answer #2

You could try this web layout video tutorial:

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