When you get a tooth surgically removed by a dentist, do they give you a prescription for pain medicine afterwards?

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I would think so. I am not sure really, perhaps you should give them a call, and ask them, they will be able to tell you if they do or not... If they say they don't, you could pick up some extra strength Tylenol or something for the pain. Maybe even something that is for toothaches that will numb the area.

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It depends. If it is likely to cause significant pain for several days, the dentist might prescribe Vicodin (hydrocodone).

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It really, really doesn't hurt as badly as you'd think. The needle for the novocain isn't great, but once that's over, it just feels gross rather than hurts. And later, while it bleeds a little, it doesn't hurt at all. Just be careful with the kinds of food you give him, two days after the removal, he'll be fine for most things, depending on which tooth was removed.

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He isnt having a tooth pulled like normal though, they have to do a different procedure because half of the tooth is already gone, thats why im wondering if its different.

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Yes, they definitely give you a prescription for pain kilers. If they don't, then he should just ask for it beforehand and confirm. Generally for procedures that aren't normal you'll get some pain medication.

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Going and pulling out part of a tooth seems to lend itself to a greater chance for pain - as the dentist might have to use more sharp utensils to get the tooth fragments out, versus being able to do a more straight-forward seeming tooth pull.

Even Tylenol 3 or something else would probably do the trick for most guys after a tooth pulling. Also, if you can drive him, it might be a good idea if they can give him a sedative in advance.

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If they dont give him meds, he can always go to another oral surgeon. They'll give him meds. There's no good reason not to. After any sort of surgery they do give out painkillers.

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I had half a tooth removed, and never got extra pain meds, but I didn't need them. Advil was enough.

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yes they do but most times you should ask them. You never know how many patients they went through that day and happened to forget that little detail of giving you your prescription.

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