How many years does it take to get a bachelors in psychology

How many years does it take to get a bachelors in psychology for example

Answer #1

3-5 years on average…

Answer #2

Or, in my case, 8 and counting.

Answer #3

4 years of study are generally required for most Bachelor’s degrees. Of course, there are the usual exceptions that test that rule by requiring only 3 years or as many as 5 years it just depends (:

Answer #4

The time normally required to get a degree like that is 4 years, a bachelors degree is also called a 4 year degree. If you are acting as a full time student it does take about that long but can often take longer if you are just taking classes part time. An Associates Degree requires you to earn about 60 Credit hours and a Bachelors Degree requires about 120 Credit hours.

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