Tom Davis, Republican Congressman, calls Bush, "a disappointment"?

So he’s not re-running for office, after 14 years, and in an interview with the New York Times, Tom Davis called President Bush “a disappointment”.

Now, it’s odd, reading that, given the amount of partisan politics playing out in the media today…however, it’s somewhat refreshing, given the list of bills that the congressman reviewed for the day & he said, “this is what we’re doing while Rome is burning”…honestly, I could care less if it’s a Democrat or Republican running things, but the mess over the last 8 years is simply disgusting. Even after the bail out, Wall Street crashed this morning.

So, if our current President is a disappointment, what would you have the next one do? Waste trillions on wars? Or solve some domestic problems?

Answer #1

Bush has been a disappointment to many in the Republican Party. This seems especially true of the libertarians and fiscal conservatives who are angered by his knee-jerk spending. Even the Religious Right is disillusioned, failing to unite behind a candidate this year.

It remains to be seen what the fiscal and monetary policies of an Obama or McCain administration will really be like. But the next president will have a very hard time justifying a new war to Congress or the American public. I think he’ll have no choice but to focus on domestic issues.

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