What do you think about wicca, any wiccans here?

What do you think about wicca and are there any wiccans on here?

Answer #1

no wicca and witchcraft are 2 indepentant things. Wicca is a earth based religion that belives in duality and cycles of the earth witchcraft is use of magic. one can be wiccan and not a witch and vica versa

Answer #2

thex13thxchild if you are a witch then you are wiccan that is what wicca is the study of witchcraft any who study witchcraft or wiicca is a witch

Answer #3

I’m not Wicca, I’m a witch, It’s a pretty good religion but if I were to finally choose a religion it would probably be something more anciet like Pagan

Answer #4

I’m Pagan… Tho I went Wiccan for a time.

Answer #5

I am wiccan. and proud of it blessed be!

Answer #6

I am a witch and wiccan and it’s a really great religion.

Answer #7

Im wiccan… I believe that its much higer than its self

Answer #8

im wiccan. I think its a great religion

Answer #9

I’m starting Wicca and so far its pretty good.

Answer #10

I’m not Wiccan but I have seriously looked into the religion I personally like the religion but it is not for me Wicca is a very earth based “magick” religion. And by the way if you are a witch you aren’t necessarily Wiccan and Wicca is not the study of witchcraft. Wicca is also a very spiritual religion. There is a god and goddess and unlike in Catholicism or Christianity the religion does not revolve on pleasing them. It is very eye opening. You begging to realise the ties between things and understand your role in all of it. The magick is never used to harm. It is used to heal and help. And it is more like enhancing your odds to get/do something rather than cast a spell and expect something to happen. This is one of the rare religions I actually agree with mostly. In order to become Wiccan you do have to study vigorously for a year and understand the religion before actually being able to convert unlike most religions where you can join any time. This yet another reason I like the religion

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