Vagina is itchy and i think it smells funny?

my vagina is itchy and I think it smells can other people smell this odor or is it just me and I shave down there

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I had that too and im 15
I had an infection
well ate first the doctor told me that came from sexual relationships but naw that wasn't me so then I went to the pharmacy and they told me that it might be the toilet paper because some of them have chlorine and thats bad for some people I guess so try not to sure toilet paper that has chlorine

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If it's itchy you may have a yeast infection.

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ohh and I forgot to tell you only you can smell it because when I had that
I asked people if they can smell it
and they said no
when I was sure it smelled a lot

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you may have bacterial vaginosis, it's itchy and causes a bad odor...and depending on how bad your infection is, other people may be able to smell it also. I suggest getting to a dr. asap! That's nothing to mess around about!

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if you can smell it then others may be able to as well, but its not that likely.
I say wash with a mild soap, and maybe even check with your doctor.

safest is always better.

good luck!

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You should see your GYNO about it, it could be either a bacteria infection or a yeast infection. Your doctore will prescribe you something. You could try to buy Monostat* over the counter, that will help the yeast infection. If it does not help, it could be a bacteria infection. No, no one can smell your scent.

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