Tips on takeing learner permit test ?

im going to take the test tomorrow I need some advice for some over night an morning studying

Answer #1

if you have been studying/reading all along then you will do fine just skim over it if you are worried about it but don’t do tons of studying last minute b/c it will only confuse. but like I said if you have been reading all along you will do fine most of it is common knowledge and you will do fine. good luck

Answer #2

concentrate on a few topics,dont study all because you will forget…dont sit down for too friend sat down for 5 hours studying maths ans I scored 10 marks higer than him…take breaks,mabe every 20-30 minutes…hope it helps

Answer #3

focus mainly on the signs; you have to get all of those right. if there are some signs that always confuse you, focus on only those. I just took my test in August, and these are some of the other topics that you might want to look over: speed limtis in rural, urban, and residental areas alcohol and how it affects your driving what to do in weather conditions (snow, sleet, etc). GOOD LUCK!!

Answer #4

when I took it they had me look through this machine like at the eye doctor and the guy would flip through it and a sign would come up each time and he had me tell him what the sign was called (example:what is the red sign called,stop sign)

and on the written test mine had different things like what do you do if you see an animal in the road but you can’t stop a)honk horn b)hit it) just things like this

and all it is is using common sense good luck on it!

Answer #5

I just skimmed through the book for about an hour be fore I took the test and passed no prob .. most of my questions were on the charts that they gave you in the book so I’d study those the most even though there are different types of tests that they give you

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