questions that are on the virginia learners permit test?

he is going to get his permit tomarrow. or well take the test for it. and he wants me to ask him some questions that are on the test. I’ve asked him some and I cant remember anymore. does anyone know any questions that are on the virginia learners permit test?

Answer #1

If it’s anything like the tests we have here - they’re all different, so you’re not doing him any favours.

Answer #2

the test its two parts. first 10 questions are about signs, you have to get all 10 of them right or else you cant take the second part. the second part is 25 questions, you have to get an 80 to pass, and thats just general knowledge questions.

you can go to this link to study.. iused it and it helped me pass my test !

also, if you fail the test, you can go back in 15 days to retake it.

Answer #3

Did he get the Handbook from the DMV? That’s the only way he’s going to pass the test if he studies that. There’s even a sample test in the back.

Answer #4

different countries have completely differnt drivers test questions I mean for one thing you probably drive on the opposite side of the road than we do down here and different countries also have different rules and regulations, ones that people from other countries dont know or have if you know anyone from virginia it would be best to ask them or google the requirements for a virginia learners test and see if you can find any information about it online

Answer #5

See if you can get a state drivers manual, which if it is anything like the one in NH, will have questions in the back of the book. MAYBE you may be able to find some questions or at least leads to the virginia DMV website at

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