What are tips for the learner's permit test?

step 1: sit around for hours listening to the drivers ed teacher step 2: take a test over the material learned step 3: drive for a total of 6 hours with the drivers ed teacher step 4 [where im at]: have to go to the “DMV” to take ANOTHER [SEPARATE] test to get learners permit

I have to do step 4, tomorrow [wednesday, 1/16/08]. im kinda rusty on the material and was wondering if anyone knew the drivers ed test for step 4 [ITS NOT THE SAME ONE AS IN STEP 2] my mom made an appointment and if I dont pass tomorrow then shes going to have to make ANOTHER appointment so shes really counting on me to pass. I really dont think im going to pass and im really desperate now. so if anyone has a copy of the actual test for your learners permit, send it to me. or, if youve taken it.. please give me tips and tell me everything you remember from it.

I know this is bad of me to want the actual test and not study like everyone else but I dont have much time and this isnt something I do every day so please just help me out. I only have until tomorro afternoon [january 16th 2008.. by 3 PM]

Answer #1

Hmm I’m curious of how that worked out… How did you do?

I’m trying to get my permit too but I’ve never been in a driver’s ed class. I have though, tried to take the test one time. I uhh… kinda failed. -.-“ Thus, asking for help again.

What I do know is that it really does help if you stay calm. Closing your eyes or randomly clicking an answer just to get it over with really does no good. Personally, I knew most of what the answers were and it was just the wording that threw me off. Which, they do that on purpose. But they’re not looking for the exceptions to the rule. They’re looking for the generality. And hm ya… it’s kinda hard to know what the answer is for the number ones if you don’t study very well. ((So is it 6 1/2 feet away or 7 1/2 feet? Hmmm -.-)) What I suggest for studying is doing it in a way that is enjoyable but you still retain information. I heard from my AP Euro teacher (ooh that was a hard class)… that it helps if you study with colors that you like. For example, writing notes on paper that you like or laying out, say if your fav color is light blue, a light blue poster behind what you’re studying. **Take care of your body well too! I found that with having hypoglycemia, if I don’t eat well enough, part of my brain literally shuts off. Even if it’s just a bit of a slump as the result, it’s still true that it has the same overall effect.

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