tips for shaving the vaginal area

I guess my vag area is really sensitive so when I shave it hurts pretty bad. and I can’t shave the next day when the stubs start to grow back because I did that and now I’ve got red bumps and it really itchy.

So what I want to know if anyone has any good ideas on how I can control that or whatever. I just want to be smooth

Answer #1

well you might just have to cut it not off. but where its shorter

do you use creme? what kind? or maybe just soap? dont use just soap.

Answer #2

To prevent the bumps and the itch…immediately after shaving, use Secret Powder Deoderent…it really does work.


Answer #3

I have the same problem! help?

Answer #4


What will help is to shave every few days…don’t let it grow out before you shave again. Keep it well groomed. However, if you are JUST plain sensative you can always buy a bottle Veet or Nair. What most women do NOT understand that these products actually take dead skins cells off the skin…in other words they are MUCH like a glycholic peel. GREAT FOR THE SKIN! I like to use BOTH the razor and my bottle of Veet! I wipe the Veet on just before getting in the shower…I place a bit inside my bum (being VERY careful not to get inside my cupcake)…I then go about my regular shaving and then rinse. For women who keep themselves very highly groomed…this leaves an unually smooth clean feeling! because while AFRO’s are beautiful…we should all agree they do NOT belong on our CUPCAKE! :)

Answer #5

use a club mend product called clubman shave. It’s a bump repair gel that prevents irritation when the hairs start growing back. Use it like a day or two after shaving. It’s really for use on the face by men to prevent that problem so use very sparingly avoiding your slit area, and it has a strong odour that sticks to panties so use it when you know you have a couple of hours to yourself. Works for me, I shave only once a wek and I don’t get itchy when the hairs start growing back - club man always takes care of it.

Answer #6

I have the same problem but I don’t shave I do bikini waxes and now I have 3 itchy bumps

Answer #7

what you’re going to want to do is get something called “bikini zone” after you shave, immediately put it on and let it soak in. right after you shave, don’t put undies on [I know this sounds weird but listen] put on basketball shorts or something very loose. before you go to bed, put undies back on and the bikini zone should be fine by then but I guess it would depend on when you shaved. don’t just use soap! it irritates everything.

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