What are some good tips to ace the ACT?

Answer #1

Don’t get nervous

Answer #2

focus, be calm and pretend whats happening in the play or ahow or whatever is happening in real life :)

Answer #3

focus, be calm and pretend whats happening in the play or ahow or whatever is happening in real life :)

Answer #4

you are talking bout actung right?> coz if not whoops :P

Answer #5

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Answer #6

Wow. This has to be the most winning set of answers ever!

Make sure you study and prepare yourself well for it, nothing is worse than cramming info last minute, if you feel prepared, you’ll be less nervous and more clear minded. Make sure you get enough sleep the night before and don’t load yourself full of caffeine the day of. That’s all I really have to offer, as I haven’t done it myself, but good luck!

Answer #7

an ACT is a test in the united states (idk if it is in other countries) that is a college placement test pretty much.

Answer #8

hahah im soo stupid i thought it was liek acting >< teehee well i am in england!

Answer #9

Study the night before. Do you remember things by hearing them, reading them or wrighting them. Figure out which one does the best for you. Its actually quite easy and many of the questions are common since, especially the reading portion. Math and science are a little more difficult because Science is more facts and math is calculations. Just study and take your time. If you dont know an answer, go with your first gut instinct, its usually right because psychologically speaking, your brain tries to recall something and will make something its familiar with stand out, but since you arent sure you tend to second guess yourself making you nervous, taking up time and usually resulting in you choosing the wrong answer.

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