What should I do about my ACT review and scores?

So, I just received my ACT scores back and over all I received a 16. I don’t know what I should do about it. I want to and have since a young age wanted to attend Lake Superior State University for Forensic Chemistry but fear that I may just not be good enough and I would like to stay in state for college. What should I do about this? I also plan on going to a community college for my first few years to get my main classes done. I know I should retake the ACT and try for a better score but what if the nw score still isn’t good enough the average for LSSU’s act scores is about a 21.6, what other schools should I apply to that may not be so hard to get into? Also, If you know any information that may help me with this please, feel free to share it with me.

Answer #1

When I took the ACT back in…um…the ‘90’s, I used a computer tutoring program that allowed me to take several different ACT-calibre tests with tips on how to learn what I was having trouble with. Certainly there is something on the market that is similar if not better. I took the ACT 3 times. First score was 24, and final score was 29.

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