What is an appropriate time for a ten year old to go to bed?

Answer #1

10 + or - 1

Answer #2


Answer #3

its too early dont u think

Answer #4

My parents have always been somewhat strict, and for us, until around 16, it was always 9:00, 10 to 10:30 on weekends, sometimes a little later because PBS played British shows some Saturdays <_<

Answer #5

My step-brother goes at 7:30 in the week, and around 9 at weekends.. too early? :)

Answer #6

1-2hrs before its time for you to go to bed.

Answer #7

I go at about one… so you think a ten year old should be up until 11?

Answer #8

i went to bed at 8 30 when i was ten.

Answer #9


Answer #10

Ten year old boy is active during the day and sometimes he moves beyond his body’s strength. He needs enough rest after whole day activities. I have this 9 year old boy who is very active and he has to go to sleep at 9.30 Pm. He may not go to sleep right away, but at least he lets his body to rest. he usually closes his eyes at around 10.

Answer #11

do you? but I’m sure you get my point about personal time with yourself or with your spouse. I would need to know what time the children have to get up in order to know what time to sleep. But in reality, no later than 9 is a good time. Make sure they get about 8-10hrs sleep. But seeing that you are a night owl like myself, 1-2 hours does not relate to you.

Answer #12

Ok i just noticed your age so stike the last statement about time for yourself and spouse. lol

Answer #13

No 8:30 is not to early cuz by the time u get to sleep it will be like 9:30 or so

Answer #14

Lol yeah I’m talking about my little step-brother :) he gets up at about 8 so I really don’t know

Answer #15

A great time is 8:30 because they need there sleep but 8 is too early.

Answer #16

then i would even say 10pm is OK but watch the content on the Television.

Answer #17

I went to bed at 9:00 when I was ten. I guess it all depends on what time they have to get up in the morning.

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