What time do you people normally go to bed at? I go to bed at 3 or 4 am.

Answer #1

I would be in bed right now but I’m to happy for it… :)

Answer #2

Bed? What’s bed? Ohhh, that thing you go to sleep in. Sleep? Hmmm, all foreign topics to me :) In all actuality, I don’t sleep for more than an hour at a time every night.

Answer #3

3am :]

Answer #4

Dude me too. Well for during the summer I usually go to bed at those times or like at 5 or 6 am. Depends if I have school or not but since it’s summer definitely those times

Answer #5

I go to bed not at a schedule time i go to bed around 5-8 am in the morning sometimes i crash all afternoon or i stay up all day into the next day crazy right. its bad for my health and i have no reason for staying up so im trying to get on a sleep schedule soon before all this not sleeping catches up to me hehe

Answer #6

Um I go to bed at 8:00 pm…. :3 woahhhh I really need a life

Answer #7

Well the past few days i’ve been taking sleeping pills and passing out at about 11 cause without my boyfriend here i have no need to be up late but when he isn’t locked up i go to bed at about 3 or so :)

Answer #8

3am or so when my boyfriend’s here, and 12am or so when he’s not.. but I’ll stay up talking to him. lol

Answer #9

during school i go to bed aroung 12 or 1 and over the summer about 3 sometimes later

Answer #10

Me? Whenever I finish my work, and i feel like it. xP Typically around 2am school days. xD And in the summer, during june, probably 10-11pm. coz i have to wake up at 6am. D:

Answer #11

i have insomnia.. and dont sleep but 3/4 hours a night… so for me i sleep like at 9-11 or 12… then i have a whole day ahead of me lol

Answer #12

ooh it’s almost your bedtime. :P

Answer #13

nah,,, i already feel asleep at 9, woke up like 20 mins ago.. cant go back to sleep lol

Answer #14


Answer #15

Yeah, no insomnia for me, but my mind likes to keep me up… =/ bleh

Answer #16

anywhere from 12 to 2

Answer #17

i normally go to bet at 10pm.

Answer #18

… Idk It Depends On You Age, Your Job (What Ever You Do After Waking Up) And So On…

Answer #19

Generally between 11 and 12 pm.

Answer #20

i dont like sleepin,i sleep at any time when am tired but not always.just in summer vacations every year.

Answer #21

lol when i get tired that’s when

Answer #22

Depends, when I have to get up early I go at 10-11pm but any other day it’s from 12 to never.

Answer #23

I work nights…..on graveyard, I go to bed at 3:00 pm…when I work swings, I go to bed at 2:00 am..

Answer #24

sounds good to me

Answer #25

nice sounds like fun to me except the work part :/

Answer #26

high five man! Imma night owl! And im in middle school

Answer #27

why so happy, cutie?

Answer #28

The thing that no one wants to get out of in the morning.

Answer #29

XD Totally Lol Me To

Answer #30

ermmm if its a school night then midnight lol ;D if its weekend about 2am-3am xD

Answer #31

i used to go to bed at around 4 am and sleep in untill 4 in the aftrenoon, and miss almost all the day. now i try to go to bed around 12-1 pm, but it always takes me a long time to fall asleep

Answer #32

ur over 14 and at 8 pm? go out and party instead of snoozing girl! ; )

Answer #33

haha i wake up at 4am but its not every night only mondays wensday friday saturdays and sunday lol

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