Is there a better time of day than another for taking estrogen pills?

Answer #1

Different types of estrogen pills have different effects on your system some of them are better to take in the evening and some are best in the morning. The best thing you can do is contact your pharmacist and he/she should be able to answer all of your questions on estrogen pills. If you aren’t comfortable doing that then you could look at the information packet that comes with your prescription. You might also find this website helpful:

Answer #2

Thx :-)

Answer #3

When dealing with pills that affect hormones and other things it is important to take them at the same time everyday. So if your pharm says morning then make sure you set an alarm on your days off to make sure you hit your time. My wife has to take a thyroid pill and has to take it on an empty stomach, so what she does is take it in the middle of the night when she wakes up to pee (shes pregnant)

Answer #4

I have to take them every single day

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