Where is your ticklish spot?

Answer #1

My ears. :/

Answer #2

basicly eveywhere on my upper body haha

Answer #3

Everywhere.. even my palms are ticklish.. there’s a super ticklish spot, but if I told you, I’d have to kill you haha

Answer #4

my legs!!! o.o weird i know xD

Answer #5

My armpits… my hubby thinks its funny and tries to tickle me there all the time. I get really mad at him… sometimes I think he does it on purpose like he likes seeing me that mad!

Answer #6

back of my neck and my feet XD

Answer #7

Everywhere…like no lie.

Answer #8

my back and armpits

Answer #9

Everywhere, like I am straight up serious and I don’t mean like a little bit ticklish I mean like if someone even lightly brushes against me I burst out laughing. People like to use it against me, I even had someone who was lightly tickling me as a joke not knowing how ticklish I was and I started to cry, he thought he hurt me, funniest thing ever.

Answer #10

My belly!

Answer #11

Neck :[

Answer #12

Almost everywhere.

The worst is my neck and just above my knees (the back of my legs)

Answer #13

my sides, neck, some parts of my upper thigh and my a**

Answer #14

my neck. :3

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