Can you tattoo over moles, scars or even spots?

I have just decided what tattoo I want, and where I want it, but I has a little mole right in that place but I heard you cant because of the chance of it being cancerous.

Answer #1

Yes, you can but doing a Tattoo over a mole or Scar(depending on how big it is)Can deform or mess up the Tattoo your getting.

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haha, that would be funny ^_^

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Answer #4

Yes you can tattoo over scars, and if your really worried talk to the tattoo artist about tattooing over that and if that’d be okay.

Answer #5

a tat is a scar and you can cover them ;) the answer is yes :p

Answer #6

Everyones answer has struck me as odd. I have been a professional tattoo artist for over 7 years. No professional I know including myself will tattoo over moles, birthmarks, or scars. We will not touch something raised on the skin and the chances of the ink staying is 50/50. Im sure some artists do take the chance but I advise against it. Due to the fact the ink may not stay in that area and your tattoo would look funny with a random raised spot in it. You want to get your tattoo in a smooth and mark free part of your body.

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I’m curious, would you ever tattoo over scars, for example lets’ say someone is has really bad scars and have tried anything else and they want it as a method of covering up the scar. Is that even possible?

Answer #8

its just not possible. If the scar is really bad the chances of the ink sticking in the svar is even lower. i would not do ot bevause I would not want to feel responsible for it not working. Also I feel even if it did work somewhat it still would be a rough looking tattoo and due to the raised skin it would deform the art work. I take a lot of pride in the work I do and would never wamt my work to look bad. You can cover most bad tattoos but if you incorperate a scar and the scar doesnt hold the ink or deforms the tattoo you can not fix it leaving bad art work and also a disappionted customer.

Answer #9

Thanks for the answer. I was wondering about that for a while now.

Answer #11

I have a tattoo covering an old scar and i’ve never had any problems with the ink bleeding or anything. The scar was quite old but a scar none the less.

Answer #12

Then you got lucky. Like I said it is a 50/50 chance depending on the scar. if it is a light scar and is flat on the skin the chaces of the ink sticking is higher. But it is a risky situation. You never know 100% if the ink will stick when it comes to scars, birthmarks, and moles. Thus the reason many artists will not even attempt to tattoo over them. Yes you can do it but there is a chance it will not work or look good. This is what I do for a living so obviously I would know what I am talking about.

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