Tic Bites

My niece went camping, but came back early due to rain. The nex morning, we pulled 9 ticks off of her. Arms, back of neck, under her arm…Can she get sick for having so many ticks on her body? I would appreciate an answer as soon as possible. Thank you,

Answer #1

She wouldn’t get sick from the number of tics…but it only takes one to pass disease…


Answer #2

Yes, she’s susceptible to Lyme Disease and a few other illnesses spread by ticks. That doesn’t mean she will definitely get sick, but watch her for any of these symptoms:

Fever Headache Muscle and joint pain Fatigue Muscle weakness Pus-filled lumps Rash

Answer #3

Were they regualr ticks or deer ticks. Either way as long as they didn’t go all the way into her body she proably won’t get sick. Put if you want you can call the doctor to make sure.

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