How come I have really bad thrush that won't go away?

Answer #1

Umm…I don’t know why you have it?

If you are concerned… and want it to go away, visit your doctor so it can be treated.

Answer #2

angelee27 is right you could go to a doctor I know that I’m a person that drinks a lot me & my brother are like that , we don’t know why were just always thirsty & we use to drink juice or soda but it makes us more thirstier .. while my brother still drinks that lol I started drinking a lot of water & it controlled my thirst so maybe you just need to drink some water …

Answer #3

Thrush, not thirst, it’s a yeast infection in the mouth.

Answer #4

“Thrush”… not “thirst”.

Answer #5

oh LoL my bad >_< thank you for telling me Jessica haha but still I say drink water its good for you c[=

Answer #6

& thanks for telling me too angelee27

Answer #7

try natural unsweetened yoghurt…and i dont mean eat it! wear a sanitary pad after applying the yoghurt and it helps relieve the burning itchy feeling, however, i suggest you go and get antibiotics for it as well

Answer #8

Be sure to brush and floss teeth twice a day. Eat yogurt…it contains active cultures that will help you to maintain a healthy ph balance. Acidophilus is also used to treat it.. You can find it in pill or powder form at your local health food store and last but not least it can be treated by your physician with an antifungal medication.

Good luck,


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