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Throw daughter out?

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my 19 yr old daughter is dating a guy, who has been to jail several times for alcohol, drugs, assault. He has no job, no car, no license. Didnt graduate, no GED. He dumps her all the time. He even told the town she gave him an STD. This guy came into my work and called me a F***ing C***. He called her one night to pick him up. She did, the taillight was out on her car, she got pulled over,(the cops saw him in the car), they searched the car and he has stashed drugs in it. needless to say my car got impounded. She lies to us constantly about staying w/ him. She has a 14 year old sister who cant stand him either. I know she is doing drugs w/ him now and do not want that around my 14 yr old. Should I throw her out or will that make her not come to me if she does get in trouble? HELP!!