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my 19 yr old daughter is dating a guy, who has been to jail several times for alcohol, drugs, assault. He has no job, no car, no license. Didnt graduate, no GED. He dumps her all the time. He even told the town she gave him an STD. This guy came into my work and called me a F***ing C***. He called her one night to pick him up. She did, the taillight was out on her car, she got pulled over,(the cops saw him in the car), they searched the car and he has stashed drugs in it. needless to say my car got impounded. She lies to us constantly about staying w/ him. She has a 14 year old sister who cant stand him either. I know she is doing drugs w/ him now and do not want that around my 14 yr old. Should I throw her out or will that make her not come to me if she does get in trouble? HELP!!

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she is under your roof if she is not honoring your househould.. then you should not be lenient. if your unhappy with the way she is living then maybe its for the best to kick her out.. I think she may be unhappy too tho.. maybe if she got real freedom and figured out that this guy is a dick.. she might grow out of this stage.. she should not have allowed him to speak to you that way.. if someone ever talked to my mom like beat there face in.. but I hope I helped you and everything will eventually work out.. this is a rebellious stage @ 19.. I would know.. but I think she is rele unhappy tho, and maybe this guy is taking advantage of her, or being abusive.. you might want to look for the signs.. peace be with u

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well im a 19 year old and im not like everyone else. but heres my advice. you are her parent. you need to put your foot down. yes she is of age but she is also livin under your roof which means you still have control of her. instead of throwin her out give her an option of what she wants. give her the option of dumpin his trashy butt or she can hit the road. then if she decides to leave thats her for it. maybe she just needs an rude awakenin

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If anything, don't throw her out. I know I'm only fourteen, and I completely understand if you don't take this advice because of my age, but I've seen the same situation. Yes, she made the choice to see the guy, but you have to make sure she knows you're there for her. If you kick her out, and she realizes this guy isn't the best decision she's ever made, she won't have anywhere to go. And to me, and probably many other people, making your child feel neglected is worse than having to deal with her boyfriend. She's nineteen. If she wants to date him, let her. But if he's causing harm, tell her she has to make the choice for what's best for her.

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It sounds like you really care for you daughter and just want to do the best by her.
But at this time, she needs you more then ever, even if she wont ask for the help.
Frowing her out of your home will leave her homeless and I know you dont want that. She is then going to move in with her boyfriend. She then has more of an oppotunity to do the things you and she know she shouldnt be doing. All you can do at this moment is get in contact with the police and try and look after your saughter as much as you can.. but frowing her out will help with your family home... but will make a member of your family enter a rolercoaster of selfdistruction.

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I'm 16 and I have seen this happen to my older brother.

you need to kick her out, let her hit rock bottom. then when she comes crying back to you, take her back into the house and show her that you still love her. OR you can give her a few hundred dollars and send her on her merry way.

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