Why does my throat feel puffy?

Answer #1

I’m not sure what you mean, but it may be an allergic reaction. In this case, you may want to wake someone up in your household and tell them what’s going on. If it happens to be an allergic reaction, your throat could swell restricting your airway. That’s not good!

Answer #2

Im scared :( I told my mom she felt it and she said we will see if it clears up in a coupe of days and i also have a rash on my neck

Answer #3

Could be an allergic reaction! Did you eat something you don’t usually eat? If so I suggest telling someone in the house so they can keep an eye on you. If it gets worse, to where you start feeling like you’re choking go to the emergency room as fast as you can.

Answer #4

When did this start?

Answer #5

Ok I am really scared :((( Well it started hurting when I had white hot choclate but i alwaysdrink that and nothin happens What should i do! I am about togo to sleep in my room alone!

Answer #6

Today at like 4ish

Answer #7

What do you mean by puffy? Is it puffy in a certain spot like on the sides right under your neck? Are you itchy at all?

Answer #8

Hmm…when was the last time you’ve had white hot chocolate before today? Did you eat anything else strange today? :/

Answer #9

Wait, is it ou throat or neck that feels puffy? :/

Answer #10

Umm i think it is throat cuz it is inside my neck

Answer #11


Answer #12

It feel puffy inside my neck in the middle under the chin

Answer #13

My suggestion would be to get into a doctor right away. It could be nothing serious but if it is an allergic reaction, it’s best to see them ASAP as you will have better memory of the things that led up to it. Food allergies are first on the list, but there are also reactions to chemicals your body comes in contact with…… Change of laundry detergent, soaps or lotions, a cleaning agent, perfume, etc.

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