This question is for Atheists.

Suppose one day God appears to you and proves to you that He is God and tells you:

  1. that there is a heaven and a hell
  2. that every human being has sinned and are on their way to hell
  3. that Jesus Christ came to provide man way to escape hell and go to heaven
  4. and that it was He who came to this world as Jesus Christ

Would you become a believer in God and in Jesus Christ?

Answer #1

Agreed- off course if there was proof you would belief.

Answer #2

“…God needs to not explain Himself to anyone!…”

Well…, if that is so; redundant are your holy texts and your priests…

Answer #3

God needs to not explain Himself to anyone!

Riiight… -__-

And he needs not prove his existence either… but this is all hypothetical… and a paradox… but a hypothetical one.

So think really really hard, and scratch your head. It might help. If I’m important enough for him to prove his existence in person, then I’m also important enough for him to give explanations…

Answer #4

If all that happened, then yes, I would believe.

Belief would then become rational, and disbelief would be irrational. As it stands though, it’s the other way around.

Answer #5

“He’d have a lot of explaining to do…”

God needs to not explain Himself to anyone!

Answer #6

well if God appeared before you, you would have no choice but to believe he exists, but God would never do this if he does exist (God doesn’t exist)

Answer #7

Allright, let’s see… Let’s say god appears before me, and proves that he is god. Now, from this point on, I would obviously start questioning him about different kinds of stuff. Have a reasonable conversation, so to say.

Point 1) Then I would obviously believe in heaven and hell. And ask him why they exists and how to end up in either.

Point 3(1)) I realy doubt that he would be able to “prove” something like that. So I would probably laugh at him.

Point 3(2)) Again, I see no way for anyone to prove that. And again, I would most likely laugh. And obviously ask him why he even bothered with creating all that ridiculous stuff(if he did).

Part 4) I would think that that was a pretty stupid thing to do. And that would also prove( to me) that he is far from being even close to a perfect being,

Sooo, yeah, I would become a believer. Not a follower(etc) as captainassasin pointed out.

Buuut, since I highly doubt a god can be the way he’s described in christianity, I would simply talk to him and ask about things.

Answer #8

suppose the easter bunny came and proved who he was? would you believe him? uhm yes… what’s your point?

Answer #9

Sadly - some have allowed their heart to wax cold - no longer possible to recieve, the Holy Spirit no longer knocks.

Answer #10

And sadly - some have allowed their brains to become useless - no longer possible to reason, the Logic no longer knocks.

Or something,

Answer #11

no, im a proud athiest and ohnestly would be happier dead than beliving in the christian god if “it” were to appear ( though I beleive there in no god, and it wont) I still wont beleive in it and by the sound of your question you see to be saying that all athiests should just convert to your religion before its ‘too late’ if you want respect for what you beleive in, you have to respect what other people beleive in because without respect you will get none in return

Answer #12

Well that leads us to the second question. But before that I would like to make just one point.

Many of you atheists seem to not know that atheism also requires faith.

You say that we are not able to provide evidences that prove God’s existence. So ours is just a faith.

Well at the same time you have also not been able to provide evidences to prove that God does not exist so yours is also just a faith.

People claim that atheists are people who don’t believe in the existence of God. Everything has two sides. If you don’t believe in something it is because you believe in something else.

So atheists are people who BELIEVE that there is no God.

Now to the next question.

Answer #13

“Many of you atheists seem to not know that atheism also requires faith. “

Right. And your not believing in Zeus or Allah requires faith. As does not believing in fairies at the bottom of the garden, orbiting teapots, or leprechauns.

Or maybe, just maybe, claiming that not believing something requires faith is absurd.

Answer #14

But before that I would like to make just one point.

Epic fail…

If Faith is a belief… then a LACK of belief is also a LACK of FAITH.

People claim that atheists are people who don’t believe in the existence of God.

No… they’re people who don’t believe in the existence DEITIES… there are plenty of other deities aside from the monotheistic version.

Answer #15

So atheists are people who BELIEVE that there is no God.

So then why are you trying to CONVINCE them to BELIEVE?

Answer #16

ok for one there is no faith in Atheism! JFC!!! And 2 if GOD was to come down he would have to explain a lot! Like why the Hell would an all caring and all loving GOD let HIS world turn to crap like this? Why not step in and stop this crap years ago? because as I’ve heard we have free will? BS!! ALL I can say is BULL Freakin crap!!! And besides who to say that He wouldnt be pissed at you christians for what happened over the years and all the people you killed and the like! Or the freakin muslims for what they did? I mean cmon deep down your silly christians know it is all BS and when we die we get buried or burned to ashes and we feed the earth! thats all it is. Its that easy being a atheist! And it makes so much more sense that an all powerfull being from who knows freakin where is going to come down and judge us for not giving enough cash at church. Give me a break!!!

Answer #17

“Many of you atheists seem to not know that atheism also requires faith.”

lol :D

“Well at the same time you have also not been able to provide evidences to prove that God does not exist so yours is also just a faith.”

You can neither prove nor disprove god. What can be asserted without evidence, can also be dismissed without evidence. It’s called RATIONAL THINKING :D

“So atheists are people who BELIEVE that there is no God. “

…Wow, how long did it take to come to that genious conclusion?

Answer #18


Atheism is not the name for an organization of some sort. Atheists do not have a doctrine, nor an object of worship. Atheists do not follow a generic philosophy.

In fact, atheism is not a label to distinguish or identify people of a certain common philosophical persuasion at all.

The word atheism describes the disagreement with the notion of super-human or super-natural life of any sort.

Not-collecting-post-stamps is NOT a hobby. Not-believing-in-deities is not a believe.

Religious people make extraordinary claims. It is not up to non-believers to prove that those claims are improbable. It is up to religious people to provide extraordinary evidence. If that can not be done (so far, it never has been), the extraordinary claims will remain improbable, with or without atheists.

Answer #19

Sure… would not even be a matter of believing, would it? God would than be a part of the verifiable and observable world… and it would be foolish to ignore reality. So… yes!

But what if Shiva proved to YOU that he exists, would you give up JHVH and believe in Shiva?

And, what if Dwyfach, sagarmatha, isis or mina appear, would you believe in one of them?

Would you believe in jupiter, bhramah, allah, zeus, miyolangsangma, rongo, wandjina, cai chen, sarpanitum, khan bhogda, daikoku, thor, hiiakawawahilani, inti huayna capac, eeyeekaldu or al-lat if they would appear and prove that they exist?

All of the above gods are, or have been worshipped by sincere and peace-loving people. And like JHVH, they have never left even the smallest bit of verifiable evidence for their existence so far, let alone proof (and no… Mikeh’s taco shell is really, really not evidence indeed!).

Answer #20

That’s not going to happen, because first of all if a god really existed it wouldn’t be as ridiculous as the one described in the Bible, at least I hope not.

And second of all god can’t prove himself because he doesn’t exist, that’s why you have to have faith.

but let’s say he did, I guess I would believe in his existence, I wouldn’t believe he created everything or become a christian though.

I liked ty’s answer

Answer #21

Amblessed, how does the Holy Spirit’s knocking manifests itself?

I assume that this expression is not a metaphor for christian promotional activities by humans? That would be cheating don’t you think?.

Is it a supernatural event that occurs as a result of the activity of a deity? And how does it manifests itself within the human system?

is it a natural event that has not been observed by science yet? And how does it manifests itself within the human system?

I have asked these sort of questions to you before in reaction to your remarks and hardly get an intelligent reply. If you want non-christians to understand what your message is, it seems important to me that you add some kind of substance to your advice. Frankly, I am tired to be taken for a ride by you and it is no wonder that you provoke ridicule.

Answer #22

Supposing it was possible for the christian god to conclusively prove that he existed and is who he says he is, then sure, obviously I’d believe he exists. The basic Atheist position is just that there’s a lack of evidence for the existence of god (any god).

I wouldn’t, however, love or respect him. The god as described in the bible - particularly the old testament, but also the new - is not the sort of person I would want anything to do with.

Answer #23

The ‘belief’ in God would not be necessary… and neither would faith… since he just proved his existence.

So in a way… he just helped me cheat on a test… which is not his way of doing things… so it wouldn’t happen anyway.

If by ‘believer’ …you mean SUPPORTER, or FOLLOWER… then no… I wouldn’t just immediately convert. He and I would need to sit down and discuss things first. He’d have a lot of explaining to do…

Answer #24

Most atheists I know, myself included, are atheists precisely because God is matter of belief, not a matter of evidence. I’m not willing to stake the nature of the universe on a faith-based guess. If God were to appear to me personally and prove his existence, sure, my belief structure would naturally shift to accommodate the new data. But since all we have to work with are the political writings of a handful of Israelis 2,000 years dead and the occasional sighting of the Virgin Mary in a taco shell, I’d say it’s a safe bet I’m going to remain atheist a while longer.

Answer #25

im no atheists but i had to answer this… he could prove himself all he wants, im a proud pagan and i believe there is many gods and goddess, so no i would see he existed but i would still go on following my path because thats what i believe, if i went to hell because of it well thats something ill think about in the afterlife but for now im enjoying what little time i have on this awesome planet.

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