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What was moving in my stomach?

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Last night before I got in the shower I noticed that one side of my stomach was obviously bigger than the other side. In addition to that I was in a ton of pain! My stomach hurt really badly. It felt like my stomach was too heavy or something. So despite how I felt I got in the shower still. After that, when I got in the bed, I could not get comfortable. When I layed on my it felt like it was too much pressure on me. When I layed on either side it felt like if I stayed like that too long it was going to cause some problems. In the end, I decided to lay on my stomach. I woke back up a couple hours later in a TON of pain. I could really feel this knot in my stomach and if felt like if I moved something terrrible would happen. But I got up and went to the bathroom because I felt like I was going to throw up. When I finally did get out of bed I could not stand up straight because it hurt so bad. I went in the bathroom and sat on the toliet... HERE COME THE FREAKY PART
So I sat on the toliet and $#@! fell out of my butt! Then some came out like water... I dont know what I ate... pizza I think...?? But after about 10 minutes of that I wiped and took a look and my $#@! was moving. It was rocking like a baby bird about to hatch kind of moving. Im like what the f*ck I watched for like 15 minutes...
It keep rocking for some time and then it would stop and then it would rock faster and stop and then go into a nice rhythm rocking motion. Im waiting for something to bust out but nothing happen. Eventually, a piece fell of and it stopped moving for a while THEN both pieces started rocking! Then I was afraid of what there would be to see and I just flushed the toliet!
SO my question is what the f*ck was that???