Why do i feel things move when i lay on my stomach?

what does it mean when I lay on my stamach I can feel little things move?

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My stomach always moves and makes noises after I eat...it's like processing of the food that flossheal said. I'm sure you're fine...but if it freaks you out too much you may want to check with the doctor.

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umm, yur hungry?
I don't know, maybe you should ask a parent or a doctor.
try looking up symtoms on a health website or somethin, there could b somethin seriously wrong.

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where do you feel things move? is it slightly to the side of your stomache cus it could be something to do with your apendix.

Or could you be pregnant?

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like...is it that ever so gentle prickly and tingly feeling? Like it tickles almost? If its that I get it too. I have no idea what it is though

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The aliens have taken over your body. Didn't you see alien?

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I just had that feeling I was watching tv laying on my stomach and I felt something kicking like if im preg. again but I don't think so I hope not because I have da I.u.d can someone tell me whats wrong

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ok it is the upper park of my tummy and it feel like kicking and I took test and it says I am not haveing a baby

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Your insides are moving all the time in order to digest your food. It's possible that you're feeing the reflex muscle contractions that pass food along your intestines. After all, if they didn't move, your stomach would never empty!

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