Who else thinks Jersey Shore is Trashy?

if so why?

Answer #1

My mom does. She just hates Snooki. xD

Answer #2

i think its trashy. people look at someone and say “lets have sex” like common, thats rediculous. if you dont respect yourself, then people wont respect you.

but i love jersey shore anyways=]

Answer #3

Yes yes yes! It’s about loud- mouthed, drunk, lack-of-moral teens living together.

Answer #4

:] there not Teens anymore but they act like it….I guess it take a while for some people too grow up.

Answer #5

Lol, yea not teens, but somehow I think of them like they are. Although I’,m not old myself LOL

Answer #6

i hate snooki. im tired of looking at pics of her while im looking through magazine and thinking that she looks like she just got busy with an ompa loompa. Im also tired of her bird nose.

Answer #7

I LOVE Jersey Shore :] Snooki is my baby <3 She kicked Angelinas a$$ this episode :D Jersey Shore is amazing <3

Answer #8

i love watching JS too and i like snooki over angelina all the way…but id have to say angelina was better in that fight than snooki

Answer #9

I’ve honestly never seen it, but i’ve seen commercials for it, if read stories from episodes, and i’ve seen some of the cast on talk shows. Based on that, I’d have to say, yes, the show is pretty trashy along with the people on it. All of the females i’ve seen from the cast are really fu*cking ugly, loud, childish, and have no self-respect.

Answer #10

Amen, she looks like an orange Tucan Sam of off a f*cking Fruit Loop box.

Answer #11

Ahahahhaha its definitly trashy - i love it! <3

Answer #12

Of course its trashy - and it makes for good tv.

Answer #13

XD that sound like something my dad would say. O_O but oddly your so right!

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