does anyone else think Paula Deen is Scary...

okay I know this sounds crazy but Paula Deens face freaks me out. her eyes, her smile everything… lol Does anyone else think Paula Deens face is scary??

Answer #1

The only thing that scares me is her laugh. That is what freaks me out. Besides that I think she is cool and would be a cool person to hang out with. Especially if she’s the one cooking ;;;>.>

Answer #2

Lol, I dont think she’s scary. I just think she’s a ol’hillbilly women. That accent makes me feel like I’m home lol.

Answer #3

no look at her magazine picture and you tell me thats not scary!!! lol

Answer #4

No. She seems like a nice person.

Answer #5

YES! and here voice is scarey too! eek!

Answer #6

She looks like a psychooo lol

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