who thinks im horrible about lying to my parents?

Answer #1

you should realize that it is wrong.,. its like your eating your conscience… i used to lie to my parents before and i dont like the feeling…I cant even look straight to their eyes.

Answer #2

depends what you’re lying to them about

Answer #3

Depends on what you are lying about. Most kids lie to their parents at one stage or another. I generally do it, to save their feelings.

Answer #4

lying is a bad habit.lie on something which is really important.dont make it first option in your little or big decissions.and then your parents are your parents, make them feel that you are his child.and be a example of truth for them.lying for simple things, yeah.thats horible…they can stop you from doing something stupid .but after all they do it for your own benifit.sometimes you might think that they dont understand us.but believe me, they understand us best understanding…

Answer #5

Lying always catches up to you…I’d hate to have to spend my life looking over my shoulder, or having to weigh everything anyone said to me…running it thru my mind trying to remember if I lied about this or not.

Busting trust isn’t something easy to regain, once caught…think about the consequences…

Answer #6

Lying isn’t a very good thing to do, but it all depends what you’re lying about. If you’re lying about the d.ea.d body in the basement then yeah you’re horrible but if you’re lying about what you ate for lunch then who cares? Almost everyone has lied to their parents at some point ( I know I have) so it’s not like you’re doing something unimaginably awful. :)

Answer #7

This is so black and white that it is hard to answer (and I’m assuming it was because you weren’t able to add details). You may want to post an answer here giving us details. In the grand scheme of things, no, I dont think you’re horrible because you lie to your parents. I dont think there’s anyone on this planet who hasnt lied. However, if it’s bothering you enough to come onto a site to ask about it, I can think that your lie is either a really big lie, in which case, we really need more details, or it’s a little lie and you’ve got an overactive super ego (psychological term, meaning the conscience), and it needs to take a break because no one is perfect and you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to be.

Answer #8

lying is not always the same. who hasn’t lied to their parents at some point? if its something big or something you know really shouldn’t be doing yeah you shouldn’t lie to them. if its something trivial its ok to lie a little, just don’t get into a habit of doing it.

Answer #9

my parents are very strict. they wont let me have a boyfriend or go over friends houses or even call them. they dont understand that i dont fit in or have alot of friends because of this. i talked to them about this and they blew me off. im sick and tired of this so when a guy that i like asked me out i said yes. i told him about my parents and he said it was fine so now we secretly email each other. is this tht bad cause my parents wont listen to it, my dad even slapped me when i disagreed with him about his opinions. (he doesnt beat me or anything just to be clear)

Answer #10

I think what you are doing is alright. I mean it isn’t like you lie to them by telling them you are at school while you go out or something. My parents are pretty strict too, and if my dad says no its usually it and crying doesn’t work with him!

Answer #11

13 is too young to be dating and lying to your parents.

Answer #12

Lieing is wrong. I have a daughter who started lieing years ago. It started out small but grew. She even lies about little things because she says she doesn’t want me to know about her personal life. She could just say, Mom I don’t want to share this with you. She has lied for so long that now I don’t believe anything she says anymore. The lieing now affects everything we do together and she now regrets it. It took years for me to mistrust her this way and it will take twice as long to earn the trust back.

Answer #13

So, in the grand scheme of things, I can see how you’d be justified in lying. However, this isnt really about the lying. Is it worth the consequences if they find out. And only you can decide that. At 13, not allowing you to date isnt extreme.

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